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A white-glove report of your Jamf Pro server along with a roadmap for success.

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What is a Health Check

What is a Health Check?

Not merely an automatically generated report of your Jamf Pro server, a Jamf Pro Health Check is a comprehensive report detailing where you are currently and a roadmap outlining the path forward.


This involves multiple meetings with the clients, read-access to your Jamf Pro server, and expert consulting that’s broken up into three parts:

Jamf Pro Audit
Rocketman Tech laptop with Jamf code on screen

Jamf Pro Audit

In our Jamf Pro Audit, a Jamf Expert will dissect your entire Jamf Pro server to identify areas of concern, evaluate your current efficiencies, and determine the value of your existing configurations.

Once the initial audit is complete, a Jamf Expert will set up a meeting with you to go through any additional questions they have about your environment to get a full understanding of your setup.

Health Check Report

Health Check Report

Using the Jamf Pro Audit, a Jamf Expert will put together a comprehensive report of your Jamf Pro server, outlining any inefficiencies, potential security risks, and noting any possible upgrades for your server

Rocketman Tech Jamf Pro Health Check Report on iPad
Project Roadmap
Rocketman Tech Jamf Pro Server Project Roadmap document on desk
Project Roadmap Icon

Project Roadmap

Using the Health Check Report and the consulting sessions with your team during the process, a Jamf Expert will put together a Project Roadmap which lays out, in detail, how to get to where you want to be with your Jamf Server and Apple fleet.


This report will be broken down into Phases and Milestones, and will also include a price if you want to hire Rocketman to complete these services.


Interested in expert Jamf Pro consultation?
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