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Why & How to use Erase Install to upgrade your Mac Fleet

Presented by: Graham R. Pugh - Senior Systems Engineer, MSP Services, Jamf

Presented on: Friday, June 8th, 2024

In this LaunchPad presentation, Graham Pugh brings us through his popular Erase-Install script which, despite the name, does way more than just erase a Mac, and in fact is often used without erasing the Mac.

LaunchPad Podcast

Watch to the full LaunchPad episode on Apple Podcast or Spotify that includes:

  • Gravity Times, the latest Apple and Jamf tech news,

  • This month's feature guest presentation, and the

  • Audience Q&A.

A bit about Graham

Graham Pugh is a highly experienced Apple Client Engineer, expert in supporting staff in the education sector with all aspects of their computing needs, specialising in Mac and iOS support.

His interests lie in efficiency of support, which involves identifying and automating repetitive support processes where possible, standardising, and optimising communication to empower both IT staff and end users, with the goal to reduce support incidents whilst at the same time improving customer satisfaction.

One of Graham’s most popular projects he’s been built is erase-install, a zsh script for upgrading, reinstalling and erasing macOS. This was updated significantly in 2022 to use mist-cli and swiftDialog, and has to keep pace with changes to those projects as well as changes to macOS itself.

And in case you can't tell by our spelling of "standarising" "optimising" and "specialising" - Graham is, in fact, from across the ocean.

Where to find Graham:

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