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macOS Onboarding

This is the follow up materials for the macOS Onboarding presentation, presented by Chris Schasse at the April 5th LaunchPad Presentation. You can download the keynote here:

macOS Onboarding
Download KEY • 255.13MB

Application Dependency Script:

App Setup Helper Script

Check out the original presentation at Penn State Mac Admins:

Blog post with more information:

Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting

Ensure current users Don’t get macOS onboarding!

The macOS Onboarding workflow will run on all Mac computers as soon as you enable it! To ensure it doesn’t run on currently setup Mac computers, do the following: 

  • Create a smart group for computers enrolled before today

  • Deploy a script scoped to that smart group that does the following:

sudo -u $3 defaults write /Users/"$3"/Library/Preferences/com.jamfsoftware.selfservice.mac.plist com.jamfsoftware.selfservice.onboardingcomplete -bool YES
  • As an extra precaution, only scope onboarding policies to computers enrolled after today

Restart the onboarding workflow

If you want to restart the workflow for testing (or some other reason) do the following on the computer you are working on: Delete the self service plist:

  • Delete the self service plist:

    • Open Terminal and run the following command:

defaults delete ~/Library/Preferences/com.jamfsoftware.selfservice.mac.plist
  • If you want to flush your policies so they re-run:

  • Open Terminal and run the following command:

sudo jamf flushPolicyHistory
  • Open Self Service (or close it and relaunch it if it's already open)

Checking the Logs

Useful logs are located in the following locations:

  • Self Service Log: ~/Library/Logs/JAMF/selfservice_debug.log

  • Apple Install Log: /var/log/install.log

  • Jamf Log: /var/log/jamf.log

  • MDM Logs: You can view specific MDM Logs by running commands in Terminal like this:

log show --info --debug --predicate 'subsystem == "" AND category == "ManagedApps"' --last 1h 

Feature Requests:

Add Jamf Catalog Apps to macOS Onboarding:

macOS Onboarding - Increase Visibility via Self Service GUI:

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