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Jamf helps organizations get the most out of Apple. We help organizations get the most out of Jamf.



Allows IT to drop-ship a Mac straight to a user’s home without any setup beforehand. Creating an elegant onboarding/offboarding workflow specific to the clients unique needs.


A customer’s path to success is not always clear. Rocketman works with clients to create an in-depth roadmap of how to achieve their Jamf goals. Every Rocketman engagement starts with a Project Roadmap. It shows the client not just what will be accomplished, but also how we plan to accomplish it along with a timeline of milestones and phases to account for project management visibility along the way. 



MDM Migrations can be very difficult and complex, but Rocketman’s automated and customizable MDM Migration workflow takes the guesswork out of the equation. 



Rocketman engineers are bash and python experts, and can develop seamless workflows to solve complex needs for clients. Unique challenges and use cases, granular and in the weeds, if it can be done, we can do it.



Patch Management / macOS Versioning

One of the most important aspects to maintaining a healthy and secure Apple environment is keeping all deployed software and OS versions as up to date as possible. This can be accomplished in a variety of different ways depending on the environment, Rocketman will work with the client to develop and deploy a sustainable Patch Management system that works best for their users and environment.

White Glove Deployment

Whether it’s Jamf Pro, Connect, Protect, or the entire Jamf suite, Rocketman provides a hands-on deployment for the client. This is not a Jumpstart, Rocketman gets Admin access to the new Jamf server, and performs the deployment for the client, working with them along the way to account for the various dependencies they need. 

This is especially useful for clients with firm deadlines such as security audits (i.e. CIS Benchmarking, ISO 27001, FedRAMP) or insurance questionnaires that are relying on Jamf to help check particular boxes. 

Mixed Environment Management

Managing Apple in mixed environments at the Enterprise level can be extremely finicky. Windows endpoints may heavily out number Apple endpoints in these environments, forcing the Apple machines to coexist in a Windows world. With multiple endpoint security solutions, conflicting MDMs, cross platform conditional access requirements, there is as much art as there is science in play to maintain an elegant mixed environment. Rocketman can offer expert consulting from the Apple perspective to align with Windows driven SOPs.  

Future Proofing

One of the most important elements for creating a sustainable and healthy environment is implementing documentation standards. This decentralization of information allows an environment to be managed or taken over by any Jamf proficient admin, avoiding the risks associated with processes for ongoing management being siloed within one or two key employees.  

Highest Standard of Jamf Execution

In the ever evolving Apple and Jamf landscape, it can be difficult to continue providing the best experience for our end users, while staying on top of the changes that the future brings. Rocketman prides itself on staying up to date on the latest and greatest capabilities of Jamf. As new features and promises are revealed at JNUC and WWDC, Rocketman, along with our Mac Admin Meetup cohort, are often the first to be testing these features. While Jamf continues to help companies get the most out of Apple, Rocketman continues to help companies get the most out of Jamf.

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