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Patch Management with App Installers - What We've Learned

Here at Rocketman we've migrated from using installation scripts and AutPkgr to utilizing Jamf’s built in App Installers to deploy software patches for thousands of Macs. This migration has taught me a lot about the process and the benefits of utilizing App Installers.

Jamf App Catalog

So what is the Jamf App Catalog? Well it's just that, it's a catalog of applications that Jamf packages and deploys on our behalf, taking the heavy lifting off of our shoulders as Mac admins and adding it as a readily available resource within the Jamf pro dashboard.

The Jamf App Catalog launched one year ago this month, in March 2022, as a technical preview in Jamf pro version 10.37. At the time of this post we are now running Jamf Pro 10.44.1.