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You Down with TCC? -or- Providing Zero Touch Guided Setup for Camera, Microphone, and Screen Sharing

Transparency, Consent, and Control (TCC) is the macOS system for providing applications access to system services. For obvious security reasons Apple does not allow admins (or attackers) to automatically provide applications to access user files, external drives, or hardware such as the camera and microphone.

Yet with zero touch provisioning our goal is to provide our people with the ability to do their jobs right out of the box. So how do we guide people through the process of enabling these services for applications like Zoom or Teams that they need in a remote world? The easy answer is to have documentation in some other channel: a setup PDF in Sharepoint, IT wiki, welcome email, etc. But all of those come after the computer is setup. Why not guide them through setting up Teams or Zoom for the first time and enabling their camera, microphone, and screen sharing as part of your Zero Touch workflow.

Diving Deeper