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Zero Touch Provisioning - From Start to Finish Macadmins Workshop Components

Depnotify Workshop Components

Scripts Folder Contains

Config Profiles Folder Contains

  • Payload_ Login Window.mobileconfig

  • Payload_ Notifications_ MAU.mobileconfig

  • Payload_ PPPC_ Applescript-.mobileconfig

  • Payload_ Notifications_ Background Items.mobileconfig

Package Folder Contains

  • DEPNotify.pkg

  • Rocketman_Logo_2023.pkg

  • Rocketman_Wallpaper_2023.pkg

EA Folder Contains

  • Breakglass Password.xml

Workshop Files

Zero Touch Provisioning - From Start to Finish - Workshop Files
Download ZIP • 3.43MB
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1 Comment

Hello Hugo, is there a video from the MacAdmins conference available?

Look forward to it! Talk soon, ~Patrick

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